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(Photo by Ian DIckerman)

Artist Spotlight: Julianna Walsh employs music experience on original material

Arjun Shatkin January 5, 2020

Earlier this year, junior Julianna Walsh, a student singer-songwriter, stepped out of her comfort zone to create her debut EP Inner Monologue, which will be released soon. Walsh says she came into the...

Junior Jacob Vivieros sits in front of his workspace at home. (Photo by Ian Dickerman)

Artist Spotlight: Jacob Viveiros composes chill electronic music on his computer

Arjun Shatkin December 6, 2019

It all starts on the computer for junior Jacob Viveiros, a student musician, and producer. He experiments with sounds on FL Studio, a digital audio workstation, and toys with chord progressions to create...

(Photo courtesy of Jonah Cuddy)

Artist Spotlight: Jonah Cuddy records original indie-pop, folk music

Arjun Shatkin November 21, 2019

Senior Jonah Cuddy spent the start of this past summer patching guitar solos, chord progressions, and melodies into what would eventually become a collection of six songs he wrote with fellow songwriter,...

The Big Meal showcases profound plot, complex characters

The Big Meal showcases profound plot, complex characters

Arjun Shatkin October 16, 2019

Theatre Ink’s The Big Meal tells a riveting and compelling one-act story through its unorthodox plot, small cast, and relatable characters. Directed by seniors Emma Davis and Rachel O'Brien, the...

Cab Troupe showcases intricate choreography, memorable vocals

Arjun Shatkin May 26, 2019

This year’s Cabaret Troupe: RISE! impressed with the cast’s dynamic vocal solos and intricate choreography. Téa Baum and Rebecca Lev directed the show which ran May 9, 10, and 11 at 7:30 p.m. in...

Portrait of Liesl Tommy 89. (Photo courtesy of Lelund Durond Studios)

Director Liesl Tommy reflects on North's influence, previews upcoming projects

Arjun Shatkin May 10, 2019

From apartheid South Africa to Newton and beyond, Liesl Tommy ‘89 has found immense success as a director, breaking barriers and proving her tenacity. In 2016, Tommy received a Tony for Best Direction...

Spon Gen actors participate in a improvised musical about English teacher Adam George. (Photo by Arjun Shatkin)

Spon Gen impresses with quick-thinking, humorous improv

Arjun Shatkin May 9, 2019

Audience members excitedly ran onto the stage to collaborate with cast members during Spontaneous Generation’s (Spon Gen’s) several memorable improv games. Using their creativity and with the assistance...

Nitrous Oxide entertains audience in evening of comedy

Nitrous Oxide entertains audience in evening of comedy

Arjun Shatkin March 19, 2019

Nitrous Oxide’s satirical and slapstick student-written routines were complemented by energetic and captivating acting. The show, directed by senior Andrew Ruttenberg and sophomore Mikayla Alford,...

Annual Freshmen Cabaret showcases diverse talents

Annual Freshmen Cabaret showcases diverse talents

Arjun Shatkin December 23, 2018

Freshman Cabaret’s dynamic vocal and instrumental performances along with witty skits made it an enjoyable addition to the yearly tradition.  The show played Dec. 12, 13, 14 in the Little Theatre and...

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