Boys’ volleyball defeats Brookline with impressive performances from star players


Jacob Wu

Boys’ volleyball defeated Brookline 3-0 in a heated rivalry Thursday, May 19 at home.

North started the game off strong and took control of the first set. “I think we played very well, we came and did what we planned to do,” said Nile Fox, the head coach. The momentum of the game shifted after Kaz’s diving save which was followed by a spike out of bounds by Brookline. The sequence spurted a Tiger’s run of 6-1 before Brookline called time out.

Throughout much of the entire game, Kaz showed great power on his spikes. His play and raw power took the pressure off of other North players. This, combined with little communication between Brookline players, allowed the Tigers an easy first-set win of 25-14. 

Brookline’s lack of strategic floor spacing and organization proved to be the team’s weakness. North took full advantage of Brookline’s struggles by utilizing Kaz and sophomore Adam Christianson who not only have elite power but great placement. 

The second set showed off North’s deep roster and versatility. Even when Kaz came out of the game to take a break, North’s offense did not skip a beat. Senior Mike Barnett and sophomore Sam Huang’s elite athleticism resulted in multiple blocked shots, and vicious spikes. “All of our hitters played really well, and we just hit well in general,” said Fox.

North went on a 6-0 run en route to a 15-8 score before Brookline was forced to call another time out. The Tigers ended the second set with another easy win of 25-14.

North and Brookline exchanged faults to start the third set, but the Tiger’s talent would once again overpower Brookline. North secured the win when Kaz unleashed a strong spike that reverberated across the entire court, giving the Tigers a 15-9 lead. They won the set 25-16.

The Tigers, 11-7, fell to Natick 3-2 in the Round of 16 of the MIAA State Tournament Tuesday June, 7.