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Graphic by Jai Khurana

Lawmakers must prioritize preventing gun violence rather than simply managing it

Zach Kwon November 7, 2022

Despite continuous but unsuccessful gun legislation, high profile shootings have become a grim normalcy in the American news cycle. The massacres in Uvalde, Texas and in Buffalo, New York last May serve...

Graphic by Jai Khurana

Denial of voting rights to Puerto Ricans must end

Zach Kwon March 6, 2022

Keeping in line with the ideals of our democracy, it is often assumed that the United States’ Electoral College system gives each and every American the right to vote. We expect that despite location,...

Photo by Ethan Shin

North's return to fully in-person learning successful, good example for future

Shira Lobron June 24, 2021

It has been well over a year since students have experienced full classrooms or the post-class hallway rush. North’s return to fully in-person learning on April 26 restored a sense of normalcy, and...

Graphic by Jai Khurana

Boycott 2022 Beijing Olympics in protest of Uighur Muslim genocide

Zach Kwon June 22, 2021

The next Olympics are set to start on February 4, 2022, hosted by the Chinese government in Beijing. While the Olympics are an opportunity for athletes worldwide to show their prowess and lifetime work,...

Graphic by Jai Khurana

2020 election is turning point for our country's global credibility

Yahel Tamir November 8, 2020

Almost everyone following the 2020 United States election universally accepts that this battle for the presidency has great significance. This election will not only be a referendum on the past four years,...

Textbooks and reading books line the SOA in preparation for the handout of these materials to students, which is still undetermined. (photo by Ian Dickerman)

Editorial: district's mishandling of reopening intensifies uncertainty for remote school year

The Newtonite September 16, 2020

Students are heading into what should be a fresh, new school year, yet looming overhead are concerns caused by the pandemic, which has created uncertainty and worry. The district’s mishandling of the...

Graphic by Jai Khurana

Krafts' lack of foresight led to a depleted roster

James Dun Rappaport May 17, 2020

While the Patriots demonstrated dominance on the field during their 2019 regular season, the end of the season could only be described as a dumpster fire. The Patriots, 12-4, lost to the worst American...

Graphic by Jai Khurana

Look for positivity in media, avoid focusing on negatives

Maxwell Lu May 1, 2020

The media has always been a place of controversy, as I always see people complaining about how it is too negative, somewhat biased, and misleading. Nowadays, on the bigger outlets like television and...

Graphic by Jai Khurana

Defining black beauty through personal narratives

Arsema Kifle April 28, 2020

“Why I’m Done Trying to Be Man Enough,” a TedTalk created by Justin Baldoni, speaks on him being an actor and seemingly always getting the role of the brooding manly man. This version of “man”...

Students, teachers need time to adjust to Remote Learning

Students, teachers need time to adjust to Remote Learning

Jacob Zalis April 18, 2020

Despite shorter classes with longer breaks between Zoom calls, I find the online learning system much more tiring than a regular schoolday. I suspect a large part of this weariness has nothing to do...

Graphic by Jai Khurana

Zion Williamson's basketball success may be limited by injury

James Dun Rappaport March 12, 2020

Ever since the first tip-off in the 2018-19 season for the Duke Mens’ Basketball team, all eyes were on Zion Williamson, the 6’7, 285 pound freshman. Williamson could jump out of the gym and absolutely...

Graphic by Jai Khurana

Gym requirement contributes to student stress, fails to encourage exercise

David Feng February 28, 2020

There are many steps students must take in order to graduate from North. Some of these requirements include taking English for all four years, earning 15 math credits, or taking four years of physical...

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