Football defeats Brookline in annual Thanksgiving Day rivalry game


The Tigers hoist the trophy up high after the match.

Anderson Free

Football trounced Brookline 41-13 in the 127th annual Thanksgiving Day Game at home.

After last year’s defeat, Barry House Dean Nick Capodilupo, the head coach, said this victory was especially meaningful to the team. “It is a validation of a lot of hard work that these players have committed to in the last several months, and for some the last several years,” said Capodilupo. “These guys all experienced losing the game last year so to be here now is pretty special.”

In the first quarter, the Tigers immediately set a ferocious tone with a 40 yard completion pass from senior Adam Landry, a captain with seniors Sam Brambilla, Brandon Kasaganayi, Brad McNew, and Noah Wastcoat. Landry’s pass went to junior Nate Day, who would finish his game with six catches for a stellar 95 yards. Following that play, Tigers managed to make it to the end zone with a 14 yard touchdown pass to senior Akeale Rather. 

Following the touchdown, North’s defense was able to step up on Brookline’s first offensive drive, forcing them to punt after only three plays of minimal offense. North’s punt team was able to block it, and the ball was picked up by junior DJ Harvey who was able to run it back for an impressive recovery touchdown. 

North owned the rest of the first quarter, with Rather delivering on two more touchdowns. He ripped off a 33 yard run into the endzone. Later, after a 69 yard run on a different drive by senior Brendan O’Guin, Rather took it into the endzone from the one yard line, making the score 27-0 at the end of the first quarter. 

“We just had to come out here and believe our offense could score and believe that our defenders could defend,” said Rather, “we just came out and executed the job.”

In the second quarter, Brookline scored on a 58 yard passing touchdown, cutting North’s lead to 27-7. However, on the first defensive drive of the half, the defense tipped the ball in the air and it was picked off by Harvey who took it into the endzone for a skillful pick six.

This rare play propelled North’s offense forward for an impressive performance on both the passing and running game as Landry ended his day with 13/22 passing with 176 yards, 2 touchdowns and one interception, and the running game was also able to notch 152 rushing yards with two touchdowns.

North’s defense managed to keep Brookline at bay for the rest of the game, only allowing the quarterback to complete a few of his passes for 215 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions. They were also able to hold the running game to only 12 rushing yards and one touchdown.

“Everything was there,” said Landry, “We were so well prepared for this team’s defense and we knew exactly what they were going to do against us so we just schemed it all week, and everything that we thought was going to be there was there.”

North was not able to win this game a year ago, and the team has been working hard to make sure to reclaim the trophy. According to Capodilupo, “I’m just really proud of our guys, I’m proud of our staff for the way that they prepared in order for us to be in this game. It would have been really easy for us to kind of lay off, not have a good practice week, or take some shortcuts. They just didn’t do that and they just continued to be really committed to what we were doing.”