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Artist Spotlight: Jacob Viveiros composes chill electronic music on his computer

Junior Jacob Vivieros sits in front of his workspace at home. (Photo by Ian Dickerman)

It all starts on the computer for junior Jacob Viveiros, a student musician, and producer. He experiments with sounds on FL Studio, a digital audio workstation, and toys with chord progressions to create songs and beats.

Viveiros releases music under the name “R.U.B.Y.” His album, “I Don’t Know Yet,” came out in July. Additionally, he has other material from earlier in his music career on his SoundCloud.

Viveiros’ music is electronic and does not have any vocals, which allows him to come into the music-writing process without concepts or themes to focus on lyrically.

“Going into something, I initially don’t know what I’m going for,” Viveiros said. He added that he does not even start writing with a genre in mind. Instead, he lets the creative process play out and watches the music take form. “Within 30 minutes of making it, I know what I’m going for. So eventually I know what I am trying to make in the end.”

Viveiros says when writing music, he is influenced by the electronic artists Whethan and Atlas along with experimental artists such as 100 Gecs. Musically, these artists push boundaries, break barriers, and “essentially do whatever they want,” which Viveiros says he can look up to as someone who is interested in unorthodox styles of creating.

While Viveiros has become well versed in recording and producing music, he says it is not always so straight forward. A big challenge that Viveiros faces is “the theory side of it,” as different arrangements of chords, notes, and dynamics can change the moods, vibes, and emotions that a song exudes. Viveiros added, “I’m not the most knowledgeable on that. So I’m taking music theory class and I’m trying to learn.”

Viveiros says that making music is an extremely rewarding and fulfilling process.

“I love being able to have one end product in the end that I can say ‘this is something that I made,’” he said.

Producing and writing music has become a passion for Viveiros. He has long-term plans with where music will take him.

“It’s essentially inspired what I want to do with my life. Before I was doing music, if you asked me what I wanted to do I would say computer programming or something like that,” Viveiros said. “Now, I want to go to school for sound engineering and I just wanna be involved with music for the rest of my life.”

Listen to music by Viveiros below:

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