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Best songs for Winter and Spring 2019

Album cover for Florence+The Machines most recent album, High as Hope. Shot by Tom Beard.
Album cover for Florence+The Machine’s most recent album, ‘High as Hope.’ Shot by Tom Beard.

Spotify Playlist:

New England winters are infamous for being bitterly cold and notoriously bleak, making it hard to find the motivation to study for exams, shovel the driveway, or just about anything. The enlightened person knows the cure for dark, dreary days, is music—the ultimate medicine to help one warm up to winter. But this season was uncharacteristically mild, with only one major snowfall, and spring fast approaching. For those looking to recall chillier times, these songs will help bring back the cozy hot chocolate-before-the-fireplace feel.

Billie Eilish

Eilish is well known for her haunting vocals and chilling lyrics. Her latest song, “bury a friend,” has an eerie sound, and is perfectly suitable for those who fall victim to the winter gloom. Some of her creepiest lyrics include, “For the debt I owe, gotta sell my soul/’Cause I can’t say no, no, I can’t say no/Then my limbs all froze, and my eyes won’t close/ And I can’t say no, I can’t say no.” Starkly contrasting “bury a friend,” Eilish’s hit song called “come out and play” is a cozy, wintry ballad with beautiful lyrics that are sure to put a smile on even the chilliest of faces, some of which include, “Look up, out of your window/ See snow, won’t let it in though.”

The Cranberries

With the ‘90s coming back into fashion, it seems only appropriate to include the music of one of the best indie, alternative rock bands of the decade. The highlight of the Irish band’s music is the hypnotic, lilting vocal runs of Dolores O’Riordan, which is perfectly complemented by the Celtic pop beats and guitar instrumentals. “Dreams,” which came out in 1993, features O’Riordan’s signature vocal runs, and lyrics that speak to anyone who has fallen asleep and dreamt during a snowstorm.

Death Cab For Cutie

An alternative rock band with a unique name and a sound to match, many of Death Cab For Cutie’s songs share a theme of being quite short, but with beautifully crafted lyrics that tell a story. The best examples of this are “Northern Lights” and “I Will Follow You Into The Dark.” While the sound of these songs can be mistaken for sad, the message always sparks a feeling of light in the darkness, making them very fitting for this seemingly never-ending season.

Florence+The Machine

An English band with a superbly talented lead vocalist, Florence+The Machine is notorious for its rare sound, which combines indie pop music and neo-soul influences. “Hunger,” a single from the band’s latest album, and “Shake it Out,” from the album Ceremonials, take depressing topics such as eating disorders and mental health disorders, and through music turns them into something beautiful.


This American singer-songwriter has a much different feel than the other artists and bands on this list. His songs are R&B, with contemporary dance beats that give a somewhat melancholy sensation. The lyrics “But the days grow harder in November/ Love grows colder in the winter” from Khalid’s song, “Winter” are perfectly fitting for the chillier seasons. The very appropriate lyrics combined with the rhythmic beat make for a very serene song. “Lovely,” a recent collaboration with Billie Eilish, mixes Khalid’s deep, steady voice with Eilish’s airy, ethereal one, making for a beautiful, rich harmony. With lyrics like “Isn’t it lovely, all alone?/ Heart made of glass, my mind of stone/ Tear me to pieces, skin to bone/ Hello, welcome home,” it is certainly not the happiest song, but sometimes winter calls for a somber feel, and “Lovely” gives just that.

While these artists may not suit the taste of every listener, they are all certainly worth exploring. After all, with such gray, dull winters like those of Boston, what more is there to do than try out some new music? Check out a Spotify playlist of these songs with this link:

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