Student designs, releases Apple game application

The Newtonite

by Perrin Stein
After spending over a 100 hours working on his Apple game application, sophomore Eli Bock will unveil “Spacekiwi” Tuesday, Dec. 13.
People will be able to purchase the full game for 99 cents or get the lite version for free. Orro Apps, a company developed by Bock, manages the production and dissemination of the game.
This game is simple, yet fun, according to Bock. The player guides a Kiwi bird through ten levels by tilting the Apple product and tapping to shoot.
“I thought of the idea for a simple app in a shooter style and thought it would be a good enough idea to pursue,” he said.
It took Bock several months to come up with ideas for the game, such as creating characters, drawing each frame of animation and creating backgrounds for each of the seven worlds.
Bock learned how to develop Apple game applications by “being observant in what makes a game good and studying how to be engaging and accessible,” he said.
Once he finished conceptualizing the game, he sent his vision to his engineering team at Orro Apps, which programed the application. Then, he supervised the team for a couple of months.
Now that “Spacekiwi” is in its final stages, Bock is coming up with ideas and artwork for a new game.