Girls’ hockey fights cancer, beats Walpole in overtime


Maya Tuozzolo

The Crush celebrate after the overtime goal from Danielle Morrill

Leela Garg, Sports editor

Girls’ hockey defeated Walpole in an intense overtime win during their second annual Hockey Fight’s Cancer game Saturday, Jan. 28 at home.

The Hockey Fight’s Cancer tradition began last year when the captains of the North and South combined team wanted to do something to positively impact their community. During the game, players wore purple jerseys and signs were hung around the rink with supportive messages. Parents also sold “crush cancer” shirts because the team is referred to as the “Crush.” All of the proceeds from the fundraiser go to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. 

The game was especially important to the players and their families. “We were all fighting for someone that night,” said junior Danielle Morril. “I was fighting for my mom who had cancer and beat it.”  

According to Beals House dean Scott Heslin, the general manager, the tradition was inspired by the NHL. “The NHL does a similar thing where they wear purple during one month to recognize the fight against cancer,” he said. 

The game began with a rocky start for the Crush, as Walpole scored within the first five minutes off of a rebound shot that slipped past senior Maya Tuozzolo, the goalie. Despite numerous penalties resulting in power plays for Walpole, Newton played solid defense for the rest of the period.  

The second period started with puck possession going back and forth between Walpole and Newton. However, four minutes into the period Walpole scored once again after a pass weaved its way through all of Newton’s defenders. Towards the end of the period, Newton started to build up some pressure on Walpole’s defense by creating good chances, but they could not find the back of the net.

Despite his team being down 0-2, Heslin saw encouraging signs from his players, and he urged them to stay in the game. “I knew what we were capable of when we stick to our game, so I told the girls to keep playing it because we were starting to wear down Walpole,” he said.

This proved to be true in the third period when sophomore Beckett Houston raced past all of Walpole’s defenders and placed a shot in the corner of the net to cut Walpole’s lead to one. Less than two minutes later, Newton tied the game when sophomore Savannah Bond scored from defense on a powerful shot that edged past Walpole’s goalie. Regulation time ended with the score tied at two, and the game went to overtime.

According to senior Amelia Singer, a captain along with South senior Hadley Conroy, the team wanted to maintain a positive mindset going into overtime. “We were told to keep our heads in the game and stay positive knowing that we could definitely win.”

Thirty seconds into overtime, Morrill won the game for the Crush by scoring a long-range shot from the left side that soared past Walpole’s defense. 

According to Morril, the goal was of great importance to the team and her family. “The feeling of when I scored and saw her standing by the glass banging as hard as she could really meant a lot to me,” she said.

 Morril also believes that this win was a testament to what the Crush can achieve this season. “This win will help our team in the future because it tells us we can achieve anything by working together,” she said.

The Crush, 5-13, will play Waltham at home Monday, February 13.