JV lacrosse, 7-3, finishes strong season

The Newtonite

by Henry DeGroot
JV girls’ lacrosse finished 7-3 after a great season, according to  coach Celeste Myers.
“I’ve been encouraged by the effort all the players have demonstrated over the past weeks, how they applied more skill and strategies to their game and focused in practice,” she said.
During the season, the team’s “goal was to improve basic offensive and defensive skills,” Myers said.
“Most, if not all of the players can say with confidence that there has been significant improvement in their skills and their overall understanding of the game.”
One of the season highlights was how the Tigers “came from behind to win against South as a team,” she said.
“They displayed patience and confidence, working together to achieve that victory,” Myers said.
“Overall, I can see that their confidence and their understanding of the game is growing.”
Sophomore Jenny Lewis, a goaltender, said, “We had a good season, and we won more games than we lost.”