Wraps: Swimmers beat Brookline

The Newtonite

by Jacob Schwartz
Girls’ swimming and diving, 7-4-1, defeated Brookline 104-77 Tuesday, Oct. 11, in what senior Veronica Ingham, a captain with senior Hunter Hedenberg, called a high point of the season.
“They always make shirts poking fun at us that say ‘Cats can’t swim,’ but we beat them this year, which was nice,” Ingham said.
According to Ingham, the team’s annual health problems were worse than usual this year. “One of the things that happens with the pool is that sickness travels quickly,” she said.
“We usually have just one awful week, but it was worse this year. We were just kind of unlucky in that sense.”
Coach Kirsten Touhy said underclassmen stepped up this season to help the team achieve a solid record. “We had a very strong freshman and sophomore group,” she said.
Next year’s captains will be juniors Niki Lew and Katie Wu.