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Snap—The flying 4k camera we have been waiting for

Graphic by Maria Trias

by Adam Rabinowitz
I have talked about many new drone technologies before, like the Lily the Syma X5 series, and the Cheerson, but none of them come close to the drone I will be talking about today.
Vantage Robotics’ Snap is taking aerial photography to a whole new level.
Until now, if someone wanted to take aerial video, they had two options: they could buy a small, less stable drone with a shaky camera and have the portability and accessibility to use it anywhere. They could also buy a big, hard-to-carry drone that took much better and more stable video. The problem? The portability was very limited.
So which do you buy?
Well now that isn’t a problem anymore, thanks to Vantage Robotics.
Snap is the first drone to combine the benefits of both and leave out the drawbacks.
Snap is around a square foot in size, considerably small. It features a gimbal-stabilized 4K camera, which guarantees a clear picture and an always forward-facing camera. This has not been seen in drones this size before.
What makes it even more portable, however, is that the center of the frame can detach from the rest of the frame. The rest of the frame can then be folded, and voila: you can take Snap anywhere.
Snap is also surprisingly safe. The propellers are surrounded by prop guards, another feature unprecedented in drones of this size.
With smartphone capabilities, anyone can fly it. Less-experienced pilots can use their phones or bluetooth game controllers, giving the pilots the ability to fly with whatever form they feel comfortable.
For the more experienced pilots, Snap can also be flown with two stick DSM controllers, so they can use the same controllers they have been using already.
The one downside to Snap? It is arguable that the $1295 price tag is a bit much, but if you pre-order Snap you save $400. Furthermore, for the capabilities and functionality that you get from Snap, $1295 really is not that bad.
Conclusion? Anyone interested in aerial photography should buy Snap.

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