Panono: the future's camera?


The Newtonite

by Adam Rabinowitz
Debuted earlier this school year, the Panono is a camera to change all cameras.
Featuring 36 cameras and a 360° view, the Panono is a camera in the shape of a ball that is like no other.
The user throws the camera in to the air, and at the apex of the throw, the camera takes a photo with all of it’s lenses. The result? A complete spherical view of your surroundings.
What interests me most is the technology behind it. The camera not only knows to take the pictures at the apex of the jump, it knows how to combine all 36 of those photos to create one complete photo that the user can scroll through.
I find this technology astounding. It could revolutionize the photography industry forever. The precedent until now has been a single shot. With panoramic photos that saw a change, but this take it to a whole new level.
Though the applications of it are not yet known or interpreted, I still see this product as worth the buy. Even though there aren’t many practical applications for it at the moment, I think that someday it will.