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Tech at NNHS #1


by Adam Rabinowitz
For my first installment of Tech at NNHS I would like to begin by talking about the great possibilities and privileges that we have at this school that many people are probably unaware of.
Even for a recently built school, this school has much to offer for anyone interested in technology. An endless list of classes to take at this school, coupled with hardware hard to match in other schools makes this environment astounding.
From classes that work with 3D printers like design, to classes like Greengineering that are taught at only a few high schools in the nation, we really have it all.
I myself have taken Robotics 1-3 so far, and found that there are endless projects to embark on in just those classes. I myself have worked on extremely interesting projects, like the musical staircase that we built.
This school can expose anyone willing to such great classes, and I recommend that everyone take at least one.
Although I haven’t taken them, I have heard fabulous reviews of the Greengineering, Computer Programming, and Engineering classes.
Even if you aren’t too interested in science, these classes can still be fun. From little projects to big ones, everyone will find something that they enjoy in the class, whether it’ll be seeing your project complete, or simply the process it took to get here.
Overall I find that this school’s engineering and technology classes are simply great, and beneficial for everyone.

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