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Apple's daring, odd new product

by Adam Rabinowitz
With the recent release of the Apple Watch, is Apple going too far to satisfy its hungry market?
A company once only known for making computers, Apple is now much more.
In the beginning of the 21st century, Apple introduced the world to something stunning: the iPod. With various models such as the Nano, the Shuffle, the Mini, the Classic, and ultimately the Touch, it expanded its market dramatically.
With additions to their computer section, people everywhere were buying Apple. They had appealed to basically everyone: kids who wanted cheaper iPods, to teens with more expensive iPods, and to adults with full-fledge iPhones and MacBooks.
In 2010 they brought forth the iPad, the “big boy” iPod. With a massive screen, it was a mix between the small, portable iPods, and the bigger, more powerful and useful MacBooks. It seemed like they had made everything.
But then came forth their latest installment, perhaps the oddest of the bunch: the Apple Watch.
The Watch is basically an add-on to an iPhone 5 or later generation. It can work on its own, but it really becomes worth it when you have an iPhone to go along. CNET described its usage very nicely, saying that it “works alongside the phone as an extension, a second screen and basically another part of your iOS experience. It’s a symbiote.”
Overall, I do not see many reasons to buy it. And with the fact that it starts off at $350, it isn’t for everybody either.
From computers, to handheld devices, to phones, and now to watches, Apple is constantly expanding. But is it taking the right direction?
Maybe it should narrow its markets and focus more strongly on those specific ones. Maybe instead of having 3 different laptops, maybe make 1-2.
Maybe instead of various different phones, make 1-2. Maybe instead of adding a watch to its already plethoric collection, it should leave it be.
Maybe this is however the right move for Apple right now, and only time will tell.

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