Cheerson CX-10 proves a fun, worthwhile buy


Picture courtesy of Google Images.

The Newtonite

by Adam Rabinowitz
The use of drones and multi-rotors has greatly expanded in the past few years, with the use becoming more available to home users than ever before. Today, basically everyone can buy one of their own, or build one with help from the countless amounts of videos online.
After building a full-size quadcopter in my Robotics class in school, I decided to try out flying multi-rotors on my own.
Content on diving full-in into this, I bought a quad copter of my own. I purchased the Cheerson Nano CX-10, revered as one of the best mini quadcopters today.
Before purchasing my first multi-rotor, I considered my options. I knew that there would be a steep learning curve when I first started, and I did not want to spend a lot of money. The Cheerson CX-10, therefore, is the best option for me and other beginners.
At around $20, it is extremely cheap, allowing new fliers to purchase one without the fear of losing a lot of money.
Moreover, because it is cheaper than most quadcopters, there is less money at risk if it has to be replaced.
However, even for its small size and cheap price, it is extremely durable. I have crashed it many times since I began to fly multi-rotors, and yet it continued to function perfectly.
I found that for a beginning flier, it is the best option out there, because it is a small yet very strong option for beginners. It handles just like any other quadcopter, and allows you to learn to fly them, but at a low cost.
It has an 8-minute flight time and around a 5 minute charge time, great for a rotor of this price.
My favorite aspect about it, however, is that it comes with various modes to play around with. My favorite is the flip mode, which allows even a beginning flier to easily perform flips.
Overall, I found that it was a great product for anyone, but even better for beginning fliers. Its cheap price, great durability, and fun features make it a great multi-rotor.