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Silence of the Tigers: Do not take "The Conjuring" lightly

Silence of the Tigers: This blog is updated every other week. Graphic by Julia Moss.

Silence of the Tigers: This blog is updated every other week. Graphic by Julia Moss.
Silence of the Tigers: This blog is updated every other week. Graphic by Julia Moss.

by Kyle Mendelsohn
“The Conjuring” is a horror film that was directed by James Wan and released in 2013.
The movie features a house that the Perron family had just recently moved into, although little did they know about the history of the land.
The Perron family consists of Carolyn, the mother, Roger, the renounced alcoholic, their five daughters, and their dog Sadie. As the Perron family continues to live in this house, the events that take place inside become increasingly disturbing.
In horror films, animals are typically shown as sensitive to supernatural forces, and therefore at the beginning of the movie the family’s dog refuses to enter the house.
After the events that occur inside the house become too much for the family to cope with, the mother Carolyn seeks help. She contacts two paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren, after they are introduced into the film while giving a paranormal lecture to the public on stages of demonic possession.
After an investigation of the Perron family’s home, the Warrens decide that it could require an exorcism. Once this decision is made, Ed Warren is constantly shown hinting at the fact that he does not want Lorraine to participate. It is later revealed that Lorraine had almost become possessed by a demon during a previous exorcism the couple had participated in.
To their surprise, this may be one of the worst exorcisms they’ve ever had to carry out.
This film is filled with mystery surrounding the Perron family’s house and the events that have occurred there prior to them moving in. This film is overflowing with paranormal and demonic themes, such as witchcraft and possession, and countless horrifying moments that will make you jump. This effect is given through terrifying moments of surprise and randomly occurring whispers and gestures throughout the house.
Do not take this lightly because when the film was originally released, it was rumored to be one of the scariest horror films yet.

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