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Silence of the Tigers: psychological thriller A Haunting in Connecticut provides a good scare


by Kyle Mendelsohn
“A Haunting in Connecticut” is a psychologically stimulating horror film made in 2009 and directed by Peter Cornwell. This movie is filled to the brim with surprises and deep mystery that slowly become increasingly grotesque and disturbing. If you enjoy tragedy, creepy supernatural concepts, and psychotic breakdowns at their peak are all elements of a horror movie, I highly recommend seeing this one.
The film is about a family that moves into a new house due to their son, Matthew, being a cancer patient and needing to be closer to the hospital (temporarily) for treatment. The longer the son lives inside this new house the crazier and further he is retracted into his own hallucinations and paranoid tendencies.
The doctors have told Matthew that if these hallucinations do occur, that it is most likely a result of the medication, but they will stop the treatment if they persist. Matthew is hesitant to reveal this information and tries his hardest to keep it concealed, but based on the nature of the movie, is it really a result of the cancer treatment?
As the film continues, mind-boggling secrets about their new home are discovered, eventually reaching a conclusion that will leave the viewer wanting to watch the sequel, “A Haunting in Connecticut Two.”
While my opinion concerning this movie is entirely subjective, I do recommend seeing this movie if you like psychological horror and movies, especially those that take place in the 1980s. On a scale from one to ten I would give this movie a six or a seven for how scary it is, but a seven or an eight on plot incorporation. If you have a Netflix account, it is one of the best horror movies in its current selection. It does a phenomenal job of combining elements of older horror movies and mixing them with new age cinematography to make for a good scare.

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