Girls' swim and dive finish season strong

The Newtonite

by Adam Rabinowitz

Girls’ swim and dive finished off its season Sunday, Nov. 17, with a fourth place finish at States.

According to senior Irina Rojas, a captain with senior Monica Kieff, the team’s performance this season came as a pleasant surprise.

“It sure wasn’t what I expected,” she said. “We came in fourth at States, which is significantly higher than previous years, in which we had hoped to make the top ten.”

Rojas also added that the team broke multiple records this season.

“We broke the 200 Individual Medley by six seconds, the 200 freestyle by six seconds, the 400 freestyle by seven seconds, and the State Meet record by four seconds,” she said.

Rojas also said that the team will be strong for the next few years, considering how well the JV team performed this season.

“Everyone had their best times. It was great to see them do so well and have good time. Sophomore Zoe Hecht, freshman Madison Schaefer, freshman Elizabeth Wu all did an amazing job in their events, either coming in first for their heat or getting a personal best,” said Rojas.

Rojas also acknowledged how she expects the team to do very well in the near future.

“I know they’ll face some bumps here and there, like on any other sport and team, but if they pull their talents, not just in the pool, but in school, and out of school, together, they are sure to make some history. I know it,” she said.

Next year’s captains will be juniors Marissa Best, Amanda Graf, Sasha Macdonald, and Katherine Mariano.

“I started swimming in high school because I wanted it to be fun, and I wanted to love what I was doing, and I just want the girls to remember that that’s what it’s all about. It’s nice to win medals, and break records, but it’s the little details and memories along the way that matter the most. The end result is just a bonus,” Rojas said.