Girls' Swim defeats Milton in virtual meet to stay undefeated


Sophie Fredberg

Girls’ swim won 99–84 against Milton Tuesday, Oct. 20 in a socially-distanced meet. Under the new COVID-19 regulations, both teams swam in their home pools and had no knowledge of the other team’s times until later. 

“I wish we could cheer and do stuff to boost our team spirit,” said senior Karen Tong, a captain with seniors Alex Filipova, Katherine Kett, and Daisy Proskauer. “It is really hard to create that competitive atmosphere, but we are still doing well overall.”

Junior Honour Dufresne placed first in the 500 yard Free-Style, with a time of 5:40.88. Senior Jocelyn Schechter also secured a win in the one Meter Dive. They were the only two with first place slots, but the team still placed higher on average.

“We are all really happy with our win, said Tong. “Their team is coed and we have lost to them the last two years so even though it wasn’t in person, it was nice to get a win senior year.”

The team has  had a limited amount of practice time with the new COVID-19 restrictions for the pool. For example there is an 18 person maximum in the pool for the 40 person team.

According to Tong, being able to swim is a nice break from online learning.“Being on Zoom every single day, five days a week, is a lot, but having a place to go after school where we can have in-person conversations is great.” 

North, 4-0, will race Wellesley Friday, Oct. 30.