The Student Foodie: Try new, healthy snacks

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by Douglas AbramsBetween Thanksgiving and Christmas there’s a hiatus between gluttony and gluttony. So, during these four fleeting weeks, I try to eat as healthily as possible to slim down before the next onslaught of fattening fair.
People are most susceptible to eating unhealthy foods when they snack because most snacks are pre-processed foods.
One great way to snack smart is by munching on vegetables. My top picks are carrots and cucumbers. The two veggies contrast each other–carrots are crunchy, and sweet cucumbers are juicy and mellow.
Another great snack is raw string beans. They tend to have wax on them, so I always spend an extra minute washing them, just to make sure that they are waxless. The long shape of them makes them enjoyable for snacking, reminiscent of french fries.
And what’s french fries without ketchup? Dipping sauce is the best way to bump up the flavors of the produce. Hummus is my choice because it’s rich, creamy and packed with protein.
Another healthy snack is baked kale. I know kale seems gross and spinachy, but when baked something special happens to it. It becomes crisp and delicate, like potato chips.
Cut up the kale into chip-sized pieces, sprinkle them with a small amount of olive oil and salt. Bake for fifteen minutes. Let the kale chips sit on a wire rack after first coming out of the oven so that as they cool, they remain crisp.
One snack that I buy is frozen mango, and it has become one of my obsessions. Fresh mango is almost never in season, especially around here. Frozen mango is great because the mango is frozen when it is fully ripened, so you’ll always get good quality fruit.
Just defrost the frozen mango in your microwave until plump and juicy. It’s the perfect food to end the monotony of apples and oranges, especially this time of year.
Sometimes, the best snacks are the easiest snacks. Store bought snacks are fine, just be cognizant of what the ingredient are. No matter what, the best snacks are the healthiest ones.