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Argument Clinic: Should Advanced Placement classes be the norm for sophomores?

by Alex Feit and Kristian Lundeberg This blog is dedicated to point-counterpoint discussion on various topics related to current events. These discussions include everything from interpreting school policies to developments on the national political stage. This week, the duo is debating whether or not this school should expand Advanced Placement classes to sophomores. Kristian argues in the affirmative, while Alex argues in the negative.

Language department revises French sequence

by Samantha Libraty Beginning next year, the French honors sequence will be revised to include a fourth year honors course to precede French 5 Advanced Placement language, according to world language department head Nancy Marrinucci.

Coalition prepares proposal for new innovation class

by Alex Feit Several teachers and students aligned with the Innovation Lab are working on a proposal to offer an interdisciplinary Innovation and Design class for upperclassmen for the 2012-13 school year, according to English teacher and chief innovation officer Stephen Chinosi, who is helping spearhead the effort.

Newton schools adopt Google Docs

by Hilary Brumberg This year, the Newton Public Schools Information Technology department set up Google Docs education accounts for all 12,000 students and 2,000 teachers in the system.