Tiger Question: Hardest classes at this school

The Newtonite

by Douglas Abrams

Although certain classes at this school are perceived as extremely difficult, the difficulty of a class depends on the student that is taking it.

“AP American History has been my hardest class at North because there was an extreme workload,” said senior Andy Frank.

Similar to Frank, junior Kimberly Newton said sophomore world history with history teacher John Fitzgerald was her hardest class because there was a heavier workload than she had experienced in other classes.

Freshman Caroline Wyse said her hardest class was “history class with Mr. Joiner because he goes into real depth on tests and, unless you really study and re-read the textbook, it’s hard to do well.”

Junior Michael Buonomo said, “I found that chemistry was hard because the class was very slow and I didn’t feel like I was learning a lot.”

On the other hand, freshman EJ Beech said, “Math has been my hardest class at North because I’m not good at that kind of stuff.”

Sophomore Juaria Qadir said that she found her language class, honors Spanish difficult “because the teacher talks muy muy rapido rapido rapido and I no comprendo.”

Sophomore Michael Razis also found a language class difficult. He said, “Honors English is my most difficult class because it stresses creative writing and I find it hard to write informally.”