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Tiger Question: How do you feel about Verification Day?

by Laura Schmidt-Hong
Tiger Question: How do you feel about Verification Day?
“I think it’s a little confusing and disorganized in some ways; there’s no set time to change classes, but other than that, there aren’t any problems.”
– Freshman Cassandra D’Agostino
“I think it’s organized well. The day’s a little long because you go to all your classes, but it has a good setup, and I don’t know how else they would do it. It’s good that you get to go to the library and ask questions to your counselor and get ready for next year.”
– Sophomore Nicole Newton
“I feel like it’s a nice opportunity to check in with all your teachers at the same time, but two-block classes should get the opportunity to meet; they didn’t, which wasn’t really nice. There are also so many classes in one day that it feels kind of long.”
– Freshman Maria Gervagina
“Yeah, I think it’s fine.”
– Junior Fred King
“It’s great.”
– Freshman Tom Kim
“I wish we had select times to meet with our counselors, but other than that, it’s okay, I guess.”
– Sophomore Sarah Chen
“I think it’s a pretty good idea, but you’re supposed to have B2 on Wednesdays, but today we have B1, which is problematic because you can’t go to all your classes that meet twice a week. It’s a good idea otherwise.”
– Freshman Hayoung Song
“I guess, kind of.”
– Junior Arielle Cox
“It’s kind of weird to have all your classes in one day, but otherwise it’s fine and like a normal day.”
– Freshman Katie Zhao
“I’d say it’s organized well, but I think we shouldn’t have quizzes and tests today, and teachers should sign off the classes to make sure there aren’t any issues.”
– Junior Matt Blouin
“I think it’s a good setup. The only thing I’d say is that putting down alternates was kind of unspecific and people in my homeroom were confused, but that’s about it.”
– Freshman Ashley Lang

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