Administration discusses issue of sophomore cancelled classes

The Newtonite

by Jared Perlo

Members of the Student Faculty Administration (SFA) spent most of Wednesday’s meeting discussing proposed improvements to study halls and canceled class policies.

One of the biggest recurring topics this year has been the desire for sophomores to have open campus privileges during their second semester canceled classes.

Sophomore SFA member Terry Altherr has brought up the issue several times over the past months, although no formal proposal has yet to be presented to the body.

Currently, and since the open campus privilege began, qualified second semester sophomores are allowed to venture off campus during their scheduled free periods. However, the rule has always been that sophomores are required to stay in the cafeteria during their canceled classes throughout the year.

“I just want to make it clear that this is not a change of policy,” Adams housemaster James D’Orazio said.” Sophomores haven’t lost anything.”

Several veteran SFA members, including special education teacher Peter Cavanaugh, expressed their view that any legislation would have an extremely thin chance of getting passed.

However, history and social sciences teacher Ty Vignone expressed the importance of discussing the idea.

“You could have a horrible, rotten law, and it could be on the books for 100 years, but that doesn’t mean the body shouldn’t visit the issue,” he said.

Another topic of the meeting was the ongoing discussion about how to improve study halls.

The study hall subcommittee, which had met during several prior meetings, reported to the main body that study halls should have easier access to textbooks and computers.

Spanish teacher Dan Fabrizio and other subcommittee members proposed having a laptop cart for study halls, so students can easily use online textbooks and do research.