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History team qualifies for nationals

History team qualifies for nationals

David Feng April 19, 2019

History team’s A and B team both qualified for the National History Bowl in their first year as a club. North’s strong performances in competitions throughout the year allows them to compete against...

History teacher David Bedar delivers his speech to the School Committee. (Photo by Rose Skylstad)

North students, alumni defend history curriculum at School Committee hearing

Samantha Fredberg November 28, 2018

By Samantha Fredberg and Rose Skylstad History curricula in Newton Public Schools (NPS) was assessed and deliberated at a Newton School Committee public hearing in response to a petition Tuesday, Nov....

What class at North would you like to take before you graduate and why?

The Newtonite March 6, 2016

by Laura Schmidt-Hong Tiger Question: What class at North would you like to take before you graduate and why?   “Probably statistics because it’s a big factor in everyday life.” - Freshman Jonathan...

Interim principal Mark Aronson speaks to students in the SOA before the moment of silence. Photo by Josh Shub-Seltzer.

Column: Moment of Silence reinstated, side-note during school day

The Newtonite September 15, 2015

by Isabel Joyce Fewer and fewer students can clearly remember the terror of the day four U.S. airplanes were hijacked by members of al-Qaeda and caused the World Trade Center and the Pentagon to crumble....

A model of an organic molecule in a chemistry classroom. Photo by Devin Perlo.

North offers new electives: Organic Chemistry, Science in Society

The Newtonite March 5, 2015

by Cate Waters North will be offering two new electives next year: Organic Chemistry and Science in Society. Organic Chemistry Organic Chemistry, which focuses on the structure of organic molecules, is...

Topics in American Education: Organization should refrain from attacks on diverse viewpoints

The Newtonite January 23, 2014

by Peter Diamond Several weeks ago, an advertisement appeared in several local publications, such as the Newton Tab and the Boston section of the Metro. The headline asks the question, “What are Newton...

Topics in American Education: The west, the world and modernization

The Newtonite February 15, 2013
Every sophomore takes the same history course, modern world history, which might as well be renamed modern European history, or, for the occasional instance in which the curriculum diverts to Asia or Africa, should be renamed modern world history through a western lens.

In memorium: History teacher shared passion

The Newtonite October 31, 2012
by Connor Vasu Mr. Allan MacDougall, a history teacher at this school from 1971 to 2004, died last Tuesday, Oct. 23 from a heart attack. He was 69 years old.

Dan Willbach loves sharing historical knowledge

The Newtonite June 6, 2012
by David Kwartler “Newton North is a truly special place,” said history teacher Dan Willbach, who has taught at this school for over ten years.

Mass Interview: Students, teachers discuss role of relgion in history class

The Newtonite March 23, 2012
by Douglas Abrams Although religion and history are intertwined, schools often struggle with deciding whether or not to teach about religion. At this school, religion is taught in history class, as well as in English class. Students and teachers discuss their beliefs on the role of religion in the classroom.

Freshmen to travel to New York on annual trip

The Newtonite January 13, 2012
by Alex Feit Freshmen have significantly fewer field trips than upperclassmen, according to history and social sciences teacher Ty Vignone. To account for this disappointing reality of freshman life, Vignone began supervising a freshman-only, two-day field trip to New York City over 30 years ago, and he has continued to do so since, he said.
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