Presentation clarifies transgenderism

The Newtonite

by Ryan Condon

As part of the Trans Day of Action yesterday, senior Miko Walsh presented Trans 101 during E-block in the little theater, according to Spanish teacher Daniel Fabrizio, the faculty adviser of Gay-Straight Alliance.

The presentation was designed to educate students about the topic of transgenderism, said Fabrizio. He said the presentation helped clarify transgendered terms and their definitions, and it addressed common misconceptions about transgenderism.

“The desired result is to put an end to transphobia, by ending any ignorance on the topic,” Fabrizio said.

“While gay issues may be considered taboo, transgender issues may be considered even more so,” said Fabrizio. “I think the root of this is because there is not a lot of discussion of transgenderism, especially in a high-school setting.”

He said that for many people, the only exposure students may get to the topic is “sensational” stories. “Hopefully, we humanized the topic with this day.”