Students walk out to support LGBTQ+ community, support change


Esha Bhawalkar

North’s Gender-Sexuality Alliance (GSA) organized a walkout during f-block Friday, March 19, to protest the rise in anti-LGBTQ+ legislation in the United States. 

“We just wanted to show our support for the LGBTQ community. We wanted to show that here, at North, as a school, we support the LGBTQ community,” said freshman YooJin Wollaber, who took part in the walkout.

Trans and non-binary students were invited to speak about their experiences and help spread the message of equality and inclusion during the walkout.

“As a member of the queer community, both sexually and as a non-binary person myself, it is vital that we see change and that we see people actually coming out and supporting us,” said junior Jay Sapers-Sydney.

“This is a very supportive community and it was really powerful to see how many people came out today,” said special education teacher Lisa Goldthwaite, a faculty advisor for the GSA who helped organize the walkout.

According to Goldthwaite, the students did most of the work, while the advisors only helped when dealing with administration.