Cheerleading advances to regional competition


Cheerleading performs a pyramid stunt at Friday Night Lights. (Photo by Joelle Sugianto)

Jake Forbes

Cheerleading will compete at the regional competition for the fourth straight year after completing a “fantastic season,” according to senior Morgan Britt-Webb, a captain with senior Kensie Winton and junior Izzy Day.
According to Britt-Webb, the team is “much stronger than it has been in years past.”
Britt-Webb attributed much of the team’s success to their new coaches. “They are much better because they create a warm environment and truly care about each and every athlete,” she said.
According to Britt-Webb, the team practices roughly two hours each day to prepare for the regional meet. “We are making our routine harder by increasing the difficulty of some of our skills,” she said.
Britt-Webb added, “It puts us in a place where we can really compete with the other talented teams.”
The regional meet will take place on Sunday Nov. 11 at Franklin High School