Cheerleading working hard to prepare for late-season competitions


The Newtonite

by Adam Rabinowitz
With all eyes set on winning another Bay State Tournament, cheerleading has been hard at work preparing for the late-season competitions, according to senior Ally Quinn, a captain with seniors Lauren Buckminster and Marisa Correia.
“Everyone has been working super hard to get the skills we need for our routine and the vibe is so good every practice,” she said.
Buckminster echoed Quinn’s sentiments, adding that having many new cheerleaders has created a different environment for the team, and that the Tigers have succeeded from the new energy.
“We have new cheerleaders from each grade and they all bring something different and so special to the team. Also, this year, we will be competing in the coed division with our first male cheerleader, junior Mehedi Haque,” she said. 
According to Quinn, cheerleading does not get the physical respect that it deserves, and that practices can be very intense and complicated.
Most practices include “running a mile for the warm up, stretching, going through many skills-improving drills, and eventually having the team run through its routine multiple times.
According to Buckminster, the team’s goals this year are to continue working hard and be satisfied with what it shows at competitions.
“We are making so much progress as a team and at the rate it is going now, we are more than capable of performing an incredible routine,” she said.
Quinn added that team aims to get all of its stunt sequences extremely solid and for everyone to perfect their tumbling pass in the routine, with the ultimate goal to make everyone’s motions look as sharp and tight as possible.
The Tigers’ first competition is at Braintree Nov. 4.