Despite inexperienced team, cheerleading hopes for successful season

The Newtonite

by Douglas Abrams
After finishing in fourth at States last year, cheerleading looks to build on the success of last season and “keep the winning streak we had,” according to senior Allison Hurwitz, a captain with seniors Marissa Buckminster and Briana Hogan.
This year’s team is younger and less experienced than last year’s, said Hogan. One strategy that the team employs is to repeat activities over and over again, according to Hogan.
“There is a high priority of discipline on this team this year, and that is a main key in being successful this season. Cheerleading is a team sport, and the only way we are going to be successful is if we work together and put our all into this season and this routine,” she said.
The team is focusing on bonding and “becoming a family,” according to Buckmister. “My goals for this season are to be successful competitors and continuously improve.”
The Tiger’s first competition is Sunday at Medford.