Math team exceeds expectations at international tournament


Rose Skylstad

Six North students on the math team competed in the international Harvard-MIT Math Tournament, or HMMT, Saturday, Nov. 11. North placed 42 out of 142 teams overall in the tournament, which took place at Harvard according to the HMMT website.
“I’m pleasantly surprised because it’s actually a really big competition,” said senior Tony Sun, the captain, on the results. “Usually we don’t even place.”
Teams gathered from across the globe, mainly from America and China, to compete in the tournament, according to Sun.
Sun, junior Eve Martin, sophomores Kaiwen Li, Barry Liu, Jonathan Liu and freshman Veer Gadodia all competed in the tournament.
There are four rounds in the tournament, two individual and two team rounds. In the individual rounds, team members each complete individual problem sets, and their scores are compiled to determine the team score. In one of team rounds, the team works together to complete a similar problem set, while in the other they answer questions three at a time, like a relay race.
North’s team scored 9th in the team round, according to the HMMT website.
“I think as a team we did a really good job,” said Martin, who has been on the team for three years. “It was really fun and really exciting to see that we did better this year.”
Sun said that the team hopes to make it to states and New England’s again this year, as they have done in past years.N