Gender in Society Day: Panelists discuss gender in the professional world


Graphic by Maria Trias.

The Newtonite

by MacKenzie Silvia
Five panel members, three women and two men, spoke in the little theatre F-Block today about gender in the professional world as part of Gender in Society Day. The panel was moderated by juniors Naomi Forman-Katz and Michaela Morgan, the officers of Feminism Club. The day was organized by Feminism Club and Media Literacy club.
Kay Khan, a Massachusetts State Representative, spoke about how she never let her gender stop her from following her dreams. In addition, she explained how she often tries to meet with the women in her field to find ways to work together, as a unit.
Dr. Malinda Tupper, a physics and engineering teacher at North and a prior engineer, encouraged women to join engineering.
Mark Springer, a principal at Mason Rice Elementary School talked about how he believes being male has given him an advantage in gaining jobs in the teaching place. “Men are wanted in the Elementary field,” he explained.
Bonnie Michelman, the Chief of Police at Massachusetts General Hospital, talked about how she was always one of few women in her workplace. She discussed how her dad pushed her to follow her dreams and how she was the first female the Red Sox ever hired. “I think many times it’s about having your own confidence,” she said.
Brian Duffy talked about his role as a nurse, explaining that only five to six percent of nurses are male. Duffy talked about how “the stereotype of a male nurse changes with each generation you talk to,” and how the older generations especially perceive a nurse as a woman’s position.
The panelists ended with giving the advice to follow your dreams, regardless of what profession you hope to pursue.