Gender in Society Day: Fisher discusses gender stereotypes in sports


Graphic by Maria Trias.

The Newtonite

by Jessica Tharaud
Today, during G-Block of Gender in Society Day, former professional soccer player Caitlin Fisher spoke about the Guerreiras Project, an organization that promotes gender equality through soccer. The day was organized by Feminism Club and Media Literacy Club.
Fisher, who grew up in Cambridge and graduated from Beaver Country Day School and Harvard College before moving to Brazil to play soccer, spoke about the prejudice against female soccer players in Brazil.
To show the contrast between treatment of men’s and women’s soccer teams, Fisher displayed images of a female soccer player celebrating in a near-empty stadium and of a male soccer player rejoicing in the midst of a huge crowd. Fisher explained that the Guerreiras Project uses pictures with the motto “See, Think, Wonder” to create awareness of the disparities.
Additionally, Fisher played a video of Brazilian soccer player Aline Pellegrino describing her experiences with prejudice. Pellegrino explained that her father did not want her to play soccer with the boys and that he cared only about the social stigma surrounding girls playing soccer.
In addition, Fisher added that boys are being pushed into football just as girls are being pushed out. This movement isn’t just about improving the situation for girls, Fisher said, it’s for everyone.