Cinemaniac: "My Week with Marilyn" sheds light onto the complexity of a famous actress

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Cinemaniac is a blog updated every week that reviews Netflix movies and movies in the theatre.
Cinemaniac is a blog updated every week that reviews Netflix movies and movies in the theatre.

by Jessica Tharaud

3 out of 5 stars

Despite an exemplary performance by Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe, “My Week with Marilyn” falls flat due to one-dimensional characters and a plot that heads nowhere.

Even before he meets her, Colin Clark, played by Eddie Redmayne of Les Misérables, is smitten with Monroe. Clark lands a job as a third assistant director on the 1957 movie “The Prince and the Showgirl,” and begins a short-lived romance with the famed actress.

However, their entire “relationship” consists of Clark falling in love with Monroe while she battles her own issues. Instead of a whirlwind romance, the movie plods along to its inevitable ending, leaving the viewer with a glimpse of Monroe and not much else.

Excluding Monroe, every character is archetypal, making for a boring watch. Clark, the main character, is shown merely as a naïve boy in love who allows the viewer to see more of Monroe. But the problem lies in the fact that the movie seems only concerned with characterizing her without fleshing out a real story or even Clark, making what could be an engaging story into a disappointing film.

Williams portrays a deeply troubled and complex woman, who flits between deep depression and childish giddiness at the drop of a hat. Monroe uses her allure to her advantage, yet wants to be more than a sex symbol. Portraying her magnetism and vulnerability with apparent ease, Williams embodies Monroe. Williams’s performance carries the otherwise lackluster movie, making it a worthwhile watch if only for some insight into the mind of the great star.

Although “My Week with Marilyn” succeeds in conveying the mysterious and troubled life behind Monroe, the movie focuses so much on her character that it forgets to create an enjoyable movie due to its boring characters and unclear plot.