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Student Foodie: All should become Nutella-obsessed

The Student Foodie is a blog updated twice a month that gives students creative ideas for food they can prepare and enjoy.
The Student Foodie is a blog updated twice a month that gives students creative ideas for food they can prepare and enjoy.

by Douglas Abrams

For some reason, I have always known one truth about the universe: Europeans eat yummier food than us Americans do. Time and time again, I long to go to Italy and taste real pizza crafted by true artisans, or journey to France and bite into a crusty baguette.

Luckily, there’s one easily found food in our country that quenches my insatiable hunger for fine European fare––Nutella. In 1951, Pietro Ferrero invented Nutella, a product which he first sold in Italy but later distributed across all of Europe.

This dangerously delicious spread only recently migrated over the Atlantic, and it is up to us Americans to embrace this incredible ingredient.

I am Nutella-obsessed. I know that many people already use it, but it is time that we integrate it into our diets and recognize that it is not just to be gingerly spread on toast (although that’s delicious). I eat Nutella for breakfast, lunch and dessert. (I’ve even had it for dinner.)


Speed is the name of the game in the morning for the hungry student. So, I strongly suggest simply spreading it on toast or bread. Nutella is one of the few foods that does not need much preparation.

Or, make Nutella French toast. Take two slices of bread and spread the shiny mousse on both pieces. Then, press the slices together. Soak in a beaten egg, 1/4 cup of milk and a tablespoon of cinnamon sugar for five to 10 minutes, or until the bread is soft and spongy. Cook in a pan with a tablespoon of butter until the outside of the bread is caramelized––this should take no more than five minutes per side.


Have you ever tried a peanut butter and banana sandwich? There is only one thing that improves this classic: Nutella, of course. Just mix equal amounts of peanut butter and Nutella in a bowl and then spread the mixture on bread. The decadence of the Nutella really makes the sandwich special, and banana and chocolate are a match made in heaven.


Nutella bowl brownies––a brownie mixture with nutella cooked in a bowl. I constantly crave brownies, but can never find the time or excuse to make them. This is my solution: make an individual brownie. Take a box brownie mix and divide the recipe by 1/8. Follow the directions and mix the ingredients together in an oven safe bowl.

Then, take a tablespoon of Nutella and it drizzle over the top. That’s it. Stick the bowl in the oven and follow baking instructions, except cut the baking time in half. Keep an eye on your brownie to make sure it doesn’t overcook. The nuttiness of the Nutella turns up the volume on the sometimes flat brownie flavor.

This recipe is easy and fast, just be sure that you are using a bowl that is safe for baking. After the brownie has cooled, loosen the brownie from the bowl with a spatula, and turn it out onto a serving plate. A final adornment: drizzle more nutella on top of the brownie and a handful of chopped nuts of any kind. Put on as much or as little as you want.

After trying these recipes, you too will become Nutella-obsessed.

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