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Shows to watch this summer

The Newtonite June 24, 2021

Take a look at some of the excellent shows that you should add to your list for this summer. Yasuke By Zach Kwon Yasuke (2021), an animated Netflix show, narrates the life of an African Samurai...

Tiger Question: How do you feel now that it’s Term Four?

The Newtonite May 1, 2016

by Laura Schmidt-Hong Tiger Question: How do you feel now that it’s Term Four? “I’m just excited for summer.” - Senior Alessandra Bianchi   “I’m a senior, so I’m not stressed at all....

Viewpoint: Sophomore recounts summer in Beijing

The Newtonite September 12, 2012

by Nicky Kaufman Seven years ago I left Beijing, China after my father served a three year posting there for his job. From age five to age eight, I called the city my home. Ever since I left, I longed...

Students reflect on past, look forward to future

The Newtonite September 7, 2012

by Gloria Li From incoming freshmen to graduates, students recall their favorite memories of the 2011-2012 school year and explain what they look forward to in the upcoming academic year. Alumna Allison...

Tiger Question: What is the coolest thing you did this summer?

The Newtonite September 7, 2012

compiled by Julia Moss and Jared Perlo “The coolest thing I did this summer was going bungee jumping at the Ohio State Fair.” —freshman Ellen Prince “I traveled alone for the first time.” —freshman...

Students dedicate summer to arts

The Newtonite September 4, 2012

by Peter Diamond While some students spent the summer working jobs or attending camps, others spent the summer honing their skills in visual arts, music and theatre. Visual arts Senior Amalia Sweet attended...

Cartoon: Until next year

The Newtonite June 13, 2012

[media-credit name="Julia Moss" align="alignnone" width="576"][/media-credit]  Everyone is looking forward to summer, although current sophomores have a particularly tough year ahead.

Athletic department chooses 'The Hunger Games' as required summer reading

The Newtonite May 31, 2012

by Amanda Hills This summer’s school-wide required reading will be the first book in The Hunger Games series, according to athletic director Tom Giusti, who is organizing the project with the physical...

Cartoon: Mood swing

The Newtonite May 22, 2012

[media-credit name="Julia Moss" align="aligncenter" width="567"][/media-credit]  While many students are starting to get excited for summer, they are also overwhelmed with schoolwork.  

Cartoon: Private 'School'

The Newtonite May 1, 2012

[media-credit name="Julia Moss" align="alignnone" width="561"][/media-credit]Many private high schools and universities have shorter school years than the public schools.

Cartoon: Five faces of summer

The Newtonite March 22, 2012

[media-credit name="Julia Moss" align="alignleft" width="300"][/media-credit]                  Many students have strong opinions about the warm weather we...

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