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Schedule overload: How to balance academics

Schedule overload: How to balance academics

The Newtonite October 1, 2014

by Isabel Joyce Whether a student is entering this school for the first time as a freshman or coming in with three years of high school complete, there are several anxiety-inducing facets of school life...

Many students seem to be always online or on their smart phones.

Column: Too much technology?

The Newtonite November 21, 2013

by Jared Perlo Two oblivious students round the same corner from opposite directions. Both hunch over their smart phones, texting away furiously without any regard for the outside world. Their footsteps...

Cartoon: Loser Takes All

Cartoon: Loser Takes All

The Newtonite January 16, 2013

[media-credit name="Julia Moss" align="alignnone" width="6043"]

Cartoon: Too Good to Be True

The Newtonite November 14, 2012

[media-credit name="Julia Moss" align="alignright" width="466"]     Many students have accidentally fallen asleep while doing homework late at night.  

Cartoon: Naptime

The Newtonite May 24, 2012

[media-credit name="Arielle Conti" align="alignleft" width="749"][/media-credit] In-class movies can be boring for teachers, too.

Column: A-block attendance must be addressed

The Newtonite May 3, 2012

[media-credit name="Jay Feinstein" align="alignnone" width="300"][/media-credit]Junior Alex Gribov works to find the removable discontinuity of a function during A-block math class. by Connor Vasu One-third...

Tiger Question: Have you ever fallen asleep during class?

The Newtonite April 3, 2012

compiled by Julia Moss “Yeah, I’ve fallen asleep in math. The class is too easy for me, so I get bored and fall asleep.” —freshman Leah Braunstein “No. I wish I could, but I wear contacts. If...

Despite cons, students frequently procrastinate

The Newtonite March 7, 2012

[media-credit name="Jenny Lewis" align="alignnone" width="300"][/media-credit]Freshmen Haley Ring, Sofia Espada and Lauren Manley spend study hall using their cellphones instead of doing homework. by...

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