Tiger Question: Have you ever fallen asleep during class?

The Newtonite

compiled by Julia Moss
“Yeah, I’ve fallen asleep in math. The class is too easy for me, so I get bored and fall asleep.”
—freshman Leah Braunstein
“No. I wish I could, but I wear contacts. If I fall asleep, my contacts will get messed up.”
—freshman Robin Donohoe
“I fall asleep in class all the time—basically every day! It’s hard not to sleep when a class is super boring and you’re exhausted.”
—sophomore Hannah Jang
“No. I stay up super late doing work, but I can’t fall asleep in school. I wouldn’t be able to sleep in school anyway because I can only fall asleep in the dark.When I’m really tired, I eat something or drink coffee to get energy instead of just going to sleep during class.”
—sophomore Amiya Seligman
“I fell asleep once when we were watching the movie October Sky. I remember waking up to a girl poking me in the back. I had been sleeping for 40 minutes!”
—junior Lynn Chou
“I fall asleep whenever the lights are off in the classroom, like when we’re watching a movie or a slideshow.”
—junior Ian Lund
“Yeah, I’ve fallen asleep because class was really boring. There were too many numbers on the board and I just couldn’t deal with it.”
—senior Dameon Miranda
“I fall asleep in school because of a combination of exhaustion and boredom. We’re all teenagers, so we’re just naturally tired and need more sleep than we’re getting.”
—senior Lior Percher