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Technology Today: Facebook's mission to become a tech giant

Technology Today: Facebook's mission to become a tech giant

Derek Krantz May 8, 2017

Facebook has recently displayed an interest in establishing itself as a technology company rather than just a social media platform, as seen in Mark Zuckerberg’s continued interest in virtual reality. After...

Student says he won't take flag video down

Student says he won't take flag video down

The Newtonite September 29, 2016

Video courtesy of senior Tharun Kannan Principal Henry Turner promised to work with students and faculty to move the community forwards following the waving of a Confederate flag by North students on...

Column: Social networks distract from everyday lives

The Newtonite June 26, 2015

by Isabel Joyce Your phone buzzes. The Facebook icon pops up in the center of the glossy iphone screen. You click the button, and suddenly you see how many “likes” your new, meticulously edited, profile...

Prom night goes differently for everyone. Graphic by Maria Melissa and Mary Solovyeva.

Cartoon: Prom Night

The Newtonite May 20, 2014
Prom night goes differently for everyone.

Column: NNHS Compliments fosters sense of community

The Newtonite January 10, 2013
by Connor Vasu While debating the pros and cons of Facebook, cyberbullying is routinely brought up as a negative, which is one reason the school banned Facebook in the past.

An Online World: Use more reliable news sources

The Newtonite December 21, 2012
by Leah Budson One week ago, I found my Facebook News Feed filled with hundreds of statuses regarding the the Newtown, Conn. shooting.

Students start NNHS Compliments to combat bullying

The Newtonite December 19, 2012
by Julia Oran This school has been working hard to combat bullying, whether online or in person, through in school activities including extended homeroom and presentations, such as Rachel’s Challenge.

Cartoon: Facebook Withdrawal

The Newtonite October 11, 2012
by Julia Moss Facebook is a big distraction for many students.

An Online World: Social media sites hide our true selves

The Newtonite October 5, 2012
by Leah Budson An Online World is a blog updated twice a month exploring the Internet’s effects on society and on our lives.

Guest Column: Smartphones detract from learning

The Newtonite September 16, 2012
by Elena Schwartz It has finally arrived: the first day of school. Students crowd the hallways and cluster around lockers, admiring their friends new shoes, new backpacks and, sadly, new smartphones.

Administration passes bill to allow Facebook access at school

The Newtonite June 4, 2012
by Jared Perlo After nearly a month of debating and discussing, the Student Faculty Administration (SFA) approved senior Lucia Grigoli’s bill to allow Facebook access within the school throughout the school day, although further deliberation will take place next year.

School Council conducts survey

The Newtonite May 17, 2012
by Samantha Libraty For the past month, the School Council has been conducting a survey of this school’s community about this school's strengths and weaknesses, according to parent Meryl Kessler, the School Council co-chair with seniors Madeline Cetlin and Allison Wu.
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