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Students return to the building through the Theatre entrance after the emergency evacuation March 14. (Photo by Ian Dickerman)

Faulty fire alarm causes another school-wide evacuation

Sophie Murthy March 19, 2019

Students and teachers evacuated the building due to an unplanned fire alarm at the beginning of homeroom Thursday, March 14. Vice principal Amy Winston said the cause of the alarm is unknown. “Our...

Biology core sequence to change next year

Biology core sequence to change next year

Max Kozlov February 24, 2014

by Maxwell Kozlov After years of striking fear into the hearts of juniors, next year, AP Biology will be made a second-year senior elective, and the science core sequence will change as well. Juniors,...

Administrators, teachers consider balancing consistency, equity and creativity

The Newtonite February 25, 2013

[polldaddy poll=6922810] by Elena Schwartz There has been an ongoing debate in the world of education on how to create consistency in the curriculum and equity in grading while allowing for teacher freedom. President...

Newton Public Schools adopts new evaluation tool

The Newtonite September 25, 2012

by Samantha Libraty This year, the Newton Public Schools adopted a new evaluation tool called the Educator Evaluation Tool, which aims to improve teaching at this school through more thorough faculty evaluations,...

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