Guest Column: Facebook helps students' performance

The Newtonite

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Facebook is a tool that helps students be productive, stay connected with friends and publicize events.

by Bennett Kaplan

Facebook is now the world’s most popular website, according to Google. Facebook has 800 million users more than half of who sign on daily, according to Facebook Statistics, a Facebook affiliated organization. Facebook started out as a website to connect with friends but has now expanded in many ways to encompass other services such as Messaging.

Some think that Facebook is detrimental to students. It is often called a distraction and a waste of time. However, Facebook can actually help students perform better in school, making it a tool.

For example, if you do not know the homework for one of your classes, you can simply make a status asking it, and you will almost instantly receive responses. This bolsters students’ productivity, and undermines the naysayer’s claim that Facebook is a waste of time.

Through Facebook Messaging, people can re-connect with friends. You can easily find that long-lost camp friend with just the click of a button or two. Before Facebook Messaging, email or phones was used to plan reunions. Now, with Messaging, planning reunions is much easier and quicker.

Because maintaining contact with friends who live far away is easier than it used to be, people tend to stay connected with friends for longer. Staying connected is important and would not be as possible without Facebook.

Spreading the word about that new concert or upcoming play is much simpler because of Facebook. If you are a part of the school play, and want people to attend, just post it as a status. This raises awareness, and as a result, more people will attend the play.

Facebook has changed the way people live their lives in many positive ways. Whether you are using it for work, school, reconnecting, Messaging or sharing a hilarious video with a friend Facebook does it all.

So next time you need to get that homework assignment or plan that club meeting, just log onto Facebook and with the click of a button, life is easy.