Students place second in Reserve Cup Challenge Tournament

The Newtonite

by Alex Feit

Four students enrolled in buisness classes from this school placed second in the 2011 Reserve Cup Challenge Tournament yesterday.

This was the first year students from this school competed in the Reserve Cup, which was sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston to promote understanding of finance and economics, according to senior Kevin Wu, a participant with seniors Ryan Chan, Steven Michael and Andrew Walsworth.

“We hoped to expand our knowledge of economic issues and the intricacies of monetary policy by competing,” Wu said.

After taking an online multiple choice quiz to place first in the state finals, the team, led by business teacher Robert Kane, progressed to the New England regionals, the final round of competition, Wu said.

It was divided into three rounds—the first comprising of one open ended question for a team, the second with 10 multiple choice questions to be answered as a team, and the third containing 10 multiple choice questions that were answered individually, Wu said.

Because the team was tied for first place with the Waynefleet School from Maine after the three rounds, it needed to answer a tiebreaker question to determine a champion. More members of Waynefleet’s team answered the question correctly than members of this school’s team, so Waynefleet ultimately won the competition.

“Had we not missed some of the earlier questions due to careless mistakes, it would never have come down to a tie breaker,” Wu said.