Girls' volleyball preps for tournament

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[media-credit id=8 align=”alignleft” width=”154″]Sophomore Infiniti Thomas-Waheed blocks the ball as junior Deanna Cortina covers, Thursday Oct. 6.[/media-credit]

Sophomore Infiniti Thomas-Waheed blocks the ball as junior Deanna Cortina covers, Thursday Oct. 6.

by Gloria Li
Girls’ volleyball, 17-1, qualified for the State Tournament Thursday, Oct. 6.
Senior Laurie Kamenetsky, a volleyball captain with the rest of the seniors, said she expects the game at Medfield tomorrow to be “an energetic match since they’re an extreme team.
“If we can keep up our consistency, we’ll have a good turnout.
“At tournament, we usually place first or second in our division, but we face many tough opponents, nevertheless, including Barnstable and Medfield,” she said.
According to coach Richard Barton, the Tigers have won the conference for the past five years in a row.
Senior Serena Haver said, “The teams that we tend to find challenging are Wellesley, Braintree and Brookline.”
Kamenetsky said, those teams’ strengths lies in their strategic plays on the court and their exceptional hitting.
“We have no major troubles on court, and our passing tends to be fairly precise,” she said.
According to senior Kristine Cheng, the Tigers’ only loss this season was to Brookline in a five-game match Friday.
The opponent “hit hard and passed well, and we’re working to match up to them in those respects. Nevertheless, we communicated well.” Cheng said.
Kamenetsky said, “We worked well together on court as an entity but unfortunately, were unable to claim a victory against them. We’ve learned from this though, for next year.”
Most of the team members have consistency in their hits and serves, which carries them through most of their games, Kamenetsky said.
Senior Meredith Abrams said, “Our spiking also tends to be fairly strong, as is the teamwork and ability of each of the individual members.”
The weaker points of team are defense and blocking.
The Tigers need to work out inexperienced net fouls, which the teams needs to avoid as it works out kinks in the system, Abrams said.
According to Barton, the Tigers are working on the “serving, passing, attacking and defense strategies.”
The Tigers are still in transition and are gradually working to improve their offensive techniques, Barton said.