Football beats Framingham at seventh annual Friday Night Lights game


Jake Forbes

Football, 4-3, defeated Framingham 27-0 at home Friday, Oct. 20 in the seventh annual Friday Night Lights game.
The game started with an unsuccessful drive from Framingham, which resulted in a punt. North quickly went to work as senior Will Thompson ran the ball for several first downs, keeping the drive alive. Once in Flyers’ territory, Thompson made several plays in the pocket, escaping pressure and throwing deep balls down the sidelines to seniors Noah Neville and Almonte Henk, who gained twenty yards each.
The rest of the first half was scoreless, and Framingham senior Jack Beverley was often pressured in the pocket. Framingham senior Cam Haugabrook used his size as an advantage to pick up yardage, but his team failed to get the ball in the endzone after going for it on fourth down.
Early in the third quarter, junior Anthony Calcagni intercepted Beverly, setting up North on the Flyer’s 22 yard line. Thompson was quickly able to find senior Thomas Byrne in the endzone.
Though the Tigers had a commanding lead of 13-0, the defense was hungry for more. After a large hit, Beverly was knocked down and fumbled the ball, allowing Neville to scoop it up and run it back for a defensive touchdown.
In the final few minutes of the game, North had the ball on Framingham’s 32 yard line when Neville ran the ball down the left side line.
“I think the chemistry I have with everyone on the field is really important. I trust them and they trust me,” said Thompson, the quarterback.
“Noah Neville is one of the best wide receivers in the state,” said special education teacher Mike Coppola, head coach. “He is being recruited by many colleges and has a bright future.” said special education teacher Mike Coppola, head coach.
North’s special teams played a key role in the team’s win, with the punt team consistently downing the ball within the Flyers’ 20 yard line. “It gave us great field position, and allowed us to get in the red zone with more ease,” said Coppola.