Review: Improv Jam includes audience and is accessible

The Newtonite

by Douglas Abrams

Improv Jam, which went up last night at 7 p.m. in the little theatre, is a bi-annual opportunity for all members of the Improv Club to perform improvisational comedy.

Improv Club, which meets during X-blocks, is led by senior Kelsey Fox and junior Elena Rodriguez, who also direct Spontaneous Generation, Theatre Ink’s competitive improvisational comedy troupe.

The performance is broken up into short, interactive games, hilarious activities that often incorporate audience participation. The show started off with a game in which junior Jelani Asim and sophomore Aaron Schwartz watched various imaginary “movies” that the other performers acted out based on the audience’s suggestions.

In another game called Freeze, two-person scenes occurred during which actors and audience members could shout “freeze!” at any point to tap out one of the actors on stage, take his or place, and change the direction of the scene. In the matter of a minute, a fight scene changed into a love scene, a scene in a doctors office switched to a scene taking place on a roadside.

The show was accessible; the performers and audience alike appreciated the humor, and most of all, the performers were enthusiastic and in the zone from the first moment.