Wrestling, 6-4, loses to Braintree

The Newtonite

by Adam Rabinowitz
Wrestling, 6-4, lost 52-16 to Braintree Thursday in a meet that should have been an easy win, according to coach John Staulo.
“Our team was expecting some of our better guys to win their matches,” Staulo said. “Even the other team was expecting our guys to win. Some of our younger players lost some of their confidence, seeing how the better players lost.”
Staulo believes the Tigers lost because they were rusty after the vacation. “Some of the players’ heads aren’t really in the game right now. This was a typical after-vacation match, but we still should have won,” he said.
Staulo also said, “Braintree is an average team. It should have gone the other way.”
Despite this loss, Staulo says the new players are developing quite well. “So far so good,” he said. “The new players keep on getting better and better.”
Staulo also said that in the coming up matches, health will play a big part in the team’s success. “Experience is important, and with a short season, we have to get back in midseason form and win some games. We have to stay healthy and work hard,” he said.
The team’s next match is Wednesday at Natick.