JV football team fights through lack of numbers

The Newtonite

by Kristian Lundberg
Despite a lack of numbers and tough competition, JV football managed to work hard and persevere throughout its 2-6-1 finish, according to coach Mike Capodilupo.
“We struggled at times, and there were a lot of things the kids could have made excuses for, but they didn’t,” Capodilupo said. “They were engaged, they showed their teammates that they cared about each other and they did all the things we asked them to do.”
Capodilupo added that a highlight of the team’s season was its early-season victory over conference rival Framingham Monday, Sept. 24 on the road.
“We were able to beat them in the final minute,” he said.  “It was a great win for us.”
For a developing Tigers squad, Capodilupo stressed the importance of individual improvements.
“Everyone was just trying to get better individually,” he said. “We had a range of different kids—for some kids, the focus was learning the plays, and for other kids, who had been around for a while, it was working on their individual techniques.”