Principal nominated in Yahoo! Women Who Shine contest

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[media-credit name=”Samantha Libraty” align=”alignnone” width=”200″] Principal Jennifer Price is committed to raising money for the Global Education Leadership Fund, which allows low-income to students to travel the world with school-run foreign exchanges.
by Samantha Libraty
Principal Jennifer Price was nominated for a Yahoo! Women Who Shine award for her work on the Global Education Leadership Fund (GELF), which is a fund for this school and South that allows low-income students to participate in school-run foreign exchanges.
The Yahoo! Women Who Shine contest allows website readers to nominate women in their communities who are doing extraordinary things, according to the website.
Price was nominated for her creation of GELF with principal Brian Salzer five years ago and for her continued dedication to the fund.
Since its creation, GELF has sent over 60 students on exchanges by raising over $140,000.
Price is in ninth place out of 709 nominees with 256 votes, as of Tuesday. Anyone can vote on Yahoo! Women Who Shine’s site using a Yahoo!, Google or Facebook account. Voting ends Monday, Oct. 29.
Price’s neighbor nominated her last month, according to Price. “She had been asking if she could nominate me for a while, and I finally gave in,” she said.
The nominee with the most votes on the Yahoo! Women Who Shine site will receive $10,000 for her personal use. If she wins, Price will give the $10,000 to GELF. “It wasn’t easy to raise all of the money for GELF, so if I won the Women Who Shine contest, it would help GELF even more,” Price said.
“For me, this contest is an opportunity for our students. GELF has provided students, who would not normally be able to do exchanges, to have life-changing experiences.”

Vote for Price at Yahoo! Women Who Shine.