Tumblr, Reddit spread Tiger Hunger Games photo

The Newtonite

[media-credit name=”courtesy Ella Laniado” align=”alignnone” width=”200″] Principal Jennifer Price dresses as Effie Trinket in the Tiger Hunger Games.
by Samantha Libraty
Pictures are worth 1,000 words. In this case, one is worth 82,500 notes on Tumblr and thousands of comments on Reddit.

Sophomore Ella Laniado took a picture of principal Jennifer Price dressed as Effie Trinket, a character from The Hunger Games, during the Tiger Hunger Games, which were Tuesday C-block on the multi-purpose field.

The Games were a part of One School One Book. For the event, Price dressed up as Effie Trinket by wearing a costume and face paint and driving around the field on a motorized scooter.

Laniado’s friend, freshman Naomi Forman-Katz, posted the picture on her Tumblr, where it received thousands of notes.

On how popular the picture has become, Forman-Katz said, “I didn’t expect to get so many notes, and it was really weird and somewhat exciting when people kept reblogging the picture.”
“A lot of people who reblogged it commented on how fantastic this school and the principal are, which was really fun to read because it’s 100 percent accurate,” she said.

“I even had one person message me and ask what school I go to because he wants to work there as a teacher,” Forman-Katz said.

Along with Forman-Katz’s post, myhungergames.com wrote about the Tiger Hunger Games, using the Newtonite’s article and photos as well as junior Alma Greenberg’s video of Price on a motorized scooter.

Price said, “It is amusing to me that it is such a sensation. I want students to feel proud to be part of this school.”
When the physical education/health and wellness department and the Library Learning Commons decided to put on a Hunger Games, Price said, “My primary goal is to support my teachers and students, so of course I wanted to play Effie Trinket.
“It was really fun and exciting to have the entire school together and for students to see their principal in that way. We work really hard at this school, and it is important to have fun and laugh with one another,” Price said.
Douglas Abrams and Leah Budson contributed to this article.