Column: Modified schedule benefits school

The Newtonite

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Next year, Tuesday and Wednesday morning schedules will be switched, but the rest of the days will remain the same as this year.

by Connor Vasu

With the new schedule change comes increased opportunities for students in the form of more offered classes. Tuesdays will begin with B-block followed by C-block and Wednesdays will begin with A-block followed by B-block.

Instead of cutting under-enrolled courses, this school and South decided to combine classes to form larger ones. This change will help students from South utilize this school’s Career and Vocational Technical Education program. By letting students from South use this school’s programs, it shows that as a school we want to share resources and help others in the community.

One under-enrolled course that will benefit from the schedule change is Advanced Placement Latin. After combining with students from South, the class will have more students, which frees up 0.25 full time educators (FTEs) at this school.

The schedule change also allows for the addition of more classes to the schedule with the increased FTEs and money saved. If just one small schedule change can save FTEs and classes, than the school made the right decision in switching the schedule.

Additional classes can be added to the budget, under-enrolled classes can run and this school’s programs can prove advantageous.